I've been made aware that there is a review site that has me listed as being reviewed a number of times. It's not a site I can visit so I don't know who has reviewed me, or if the reviews are even real, complimentary, or uncomplimentary. I will say, none of them should exist. If they have been posted after 2018, at which time I asked to no longer be reviewed anywhere, and at which time I put in place a no review policy. As most who know me know my dislike for any reviews. I find them pointless, tasteless, and unnecessary. Any client who has enjoyed time with me flatters me more with a revisit, rather than writing something complimentary. Beauty is subjective, and chemistry between two people is not something that can be invented, it occurs or it doesn't, and that doesn't mean the escort you shared it with has anything better or worse than another. It simply means that you either connected with them or you didn' for anyone to think that if one client finds an escort mind blowing, that another will also, is foolish and naive. Some people connect, some don't. In these types of intimate relationships, thinking that good reviews means anything other than an escort has seen that number of clients and more, is naive......... if an escort is bragging about their 30 pages (or any number of pages) of good reviews, well you should easily be able to calculate the numbers of clients that escort has seen, which also means very little, other than that escort sees more clients than others, possibly. I hold steadfast to my opinions of reviews...many are written in promotion of an escort who is favored, many are written to besmirch an escort who is disliked, many are written as a way of rekindling the experience , a type of soft porn, and many are written falsely. It's not a system that is worth anything.....nor does it do anything to better our industry..... So again, please keep my name out of it and whoever is reviewing me please stop. I have a no review policy in place, that is to be respected, and when it's not respected, I will take action!!