19 May, 2024

As usual one of my favorite political satirists said it best...... .......

We have become a society that feels everything needs to be rated, reco'ed or reviewed, before we purchase it and after using it. As Bill said, have we all become that insecure? Can we not decide for ourselves? 

In particular, the review culture for escorts has gone from being a tool to ensure that an escort is safe and reliable to see, to a source for porn stories and ways to defame, or make famous favored escorts. Why has intimacy become so indiscreet and the fodder of some? The irony....many who play into the "review/reco culture" seek out an authentic GFE, an acronym, made famous by the boards.....(Girlfriend experience)....which initself is something so intimate and personal, it would be like reviewing a snowflake.....not one is alike, and none can be mimicked in any way other than by it's name.

 A GFE is dependant on so many natural occuring and intimate factors, to rate someone on their ability to provide it is unfair and pointless. You met and had chemistry with someone, that is wonderful, but no other can or will have that same experience, so what is there to review or reco? A GFE relies on those involved sharing chemistry, compatibility, and a naturalness that occurs not from acting, or planning, or because it happened to someone else. But because you shared something special with another person. Sure some can motion through and provide a theatrical performance of specific sexual acts, and yes some can pretend and be convincing that they are your "perfect girlfriend, and  that will satisfy some, but a true GFE expereince is just that, a naturally occuring experience , which happens not because "Bill" or "Bob", said "Mary" gives great head, or "Mary" did "abc" for me and so she'll do it for you.....NO!! True intimacy doesn't work that way...true intimacy, a real GFE, happens with two like minded people who mesh in every way get together and allow nature to take it's course all while adhering to specified boundaries set by each.....and when that happens, yes it's spectacular, and yes you may want to share with others how magnificient it was, but that is unfair. As putting the idea in someones head that your experience will be theirs, is dishonest and unfair, and it is also unfair to expect any escort to perform like a mime, or mimic your experience to another. Yet that is what "review/reco culture" has done. They've perverted discretion and intimacy. They've coined a phrase "the girlfriend experience" talk about it as it being something special, yet review it like it is as easy to find as sand on a beach and that it is capable of being duplicated..... An experience isn't a mime act, nor is it a performance. If you believe differently, then you're more than likely one who isn't into intimacy, but rather, just sexual acts...and there is nothing wrong with that, just don't confuse the two:)

I think it's time we started thinking for ourselves. Educate yourself on how to determine if something is legitimate, is worthy for **you**, is professional, and as described. It's not hard to do:) Or...continuie following others opinions....after all, some people just can't think for themselves.......That's just how I see it:)