Poor Jessica

https://www.lyla.ch/topic/179284-piling-on/ So she did a tour to the Maritimes and apparently had some issues in Halifax, so she says..... so she goes to an escort forum to passive aggressively post that I called, or texted her numerous times or some such foolishness...she's obviously delusional. She also says I'm obsessed with her..... I respond to her foolishness, and I've openly expressed my dislike towards her, apparently that makes me obsessed. Interesting indeed! She is to pompous to realize there are quite a few who dislike her. I wonder... when I tour the Maritimes should I then blame her when I get played with, would it be at her hands, by her doing?  Should  I go on escort forums and blame her? The fact is, most of us when travelling, have to endure no shows, fake bookings, prank calls, etc. I suppose she thought she'd be immune, if that is what happened.....her ego is a big as her mouth.....

Jessica... I never knew who you were until you made yourself known to me....I never knew what you were like until you responded so vulgerly, and passive aggressively to many of my posts. Remember when I  posted a joke to your thread on boredom, and your retort was asking me if I pick lint out of my pussy.....what women says that to another!!  Yes Jessica, I'm writing this blog about you because I know you'll read this, even tho you pontificate on every forum, that you don't care about what I say and don't read my posts, lol. Your actions speak differently. Your ridiculous post, implies that follow what I say and it shows your vindictiveness.

A couple of years ago Jessica appeared on Caerf, an escort forum to which I belong, along with her friend Demein3k5. They'd post simutaneously and both with denegrating, condescending, rude replies to anything and every thing I'd post.( Do your research, the posts are there) from 2016/17-to now) Both seemed to be on a mission... Let me digress.....Years earlier when I was a member on lyla, another escort had reached out to me to warn me about this person, Jessica Rain, I had never heard of her back then, and ignored the warning....until a few years later, once again, when I was on Caerf.cc That warning came back to me upon reading her replies and posts and the simutaneousness of them with Demiens posts. It was quite clear she had a motive. I left that forum, after tiring of her and Demiens foolishness and bravado. Not only towards me, but other members. When I returned this year and stood up to her, all she could do was name call, lie again, and then block me so I couldn't respond to her anyomore, lol. For someone who likes to confront, she certainly can't stand being confronted.The expression she uses towards others when they react to her, is  "they get all emo", she makes fun of those who react to her condescention. Yet when she gets confronted, she'll throw out a few swear words, lies, as it appears, and crude put downs, then she'll block the person so they can't respond anymore. Actions of a cowardly bully imo. 

 She seems to enjoy spreading another lie, that I've been kicked off of *all* the escort review board forums. I've made it known many times over the years, that I was evicited from Lyla, and that is the only one. I've only joined sp411, lyla, and caerf. Sp411 I no longer participate on because of it's crudeness and owner, Caerf I left of my own will and rejoined this year. So thats 3, apparently 3 in her mind is all of them. This topic seems to be an obsession with her, she repeats it over and over. But it goes to show, when you've got no dirt on someone you have to resort to lies. So she lies and lies again and  if she can do it to me so easily, she'll do it to you as well. I blocked her from my twitter long ago, yet interestingly enough, she seems to know what I tweet...so who is obsessed with whom? When I was first on caerf, I had started a thread which did very well "want to ask an escort a question" when I left guess who opened another thread titled want to ask an escort a question, lol? Her need for attention was and is very clear, lol. For a woman who claims to be exceedingly busy, yet, who prolifically posts on every board....how busy can she be? How desperate must she be when she has to lie too garner support.....for a woman who claims to not want to hear about what I have to say, she certainly seems to know what I have to say...for a woman who doesn't seem to care about what I think or say, her scorn seems to indicate something quite different!

 I'm an open person. I don't hide.....behind anything. If I dislike someone *I* write about it and or confront the person/s. That doesn't make me obsessed, that lets people know how I feel. Blame someone else, Jessica, it wasn't me and If all you can do to besmirch me is to tell lies, you show just how vile, obsessed and desperate you are. How pathetic and sad.... It must cause you much distress knowing there are more people other than myslef who dislike you, I know that eats at your very thin skin.....

(added July14th) To those who've come forward to support me, thank you. It is in these times that you see who is truly a friend and who isn't. 

I've been told , so this is gossip, but it does have a ring of truth, and makes sense. That she has spread this lie, as a tit for tat for Demien because of my pinned tweet about him. Interesting, indeed!! Me thinks those two need to get married, two peas in a pod they are. LMAO!!! To add to the drama she posts today in that thread that she was being bullied because a client was kind enough to defend me. This is beyond hysterical. This from a woman who supported and encouraged bullying towards me for more than a couple of years. Her hypocrisy is astounding. I don’t know what is going on in her mind but something isn’t right! Regardless, it seems every few years some loser will take a stab at trying to ruin my reputation...so....what to do?

I'm going to continue to thrive in #Halifax, enjoying being a popular escort, no matter what deceptive tactics this vindictive, lying, individual  #MsJessicaRainSP uses or tries. Because liars never win.

So watch for me......I can be found on adultlook, Tryst, nightaway, leoslist, massagerepublic, escortalligator, twitter, Caerf, reviews on lyla, topescortbabes, massagerepublic, and here, cristylonglegs.net:)