Please don't do this..

As an escort I've learned that certain behaviors displayed by clients are to be seen as red flags. Experience has taught me this, and my intuition has also been a keen teacher. I've been led astray occasionaly and regrettfully, when thinking with my heart, instead of my intuition or for ignoring obvious red flags.. You must understand, small things can signal big problems......

Recently I had met a client who was recently separated, and who sought me out to be his first escort experience. We had communicated prior to our date and I gave him every opportunity to ask any questions and to be secure in knowing everything he needed. The date went well, all though he was a bit nervous but other than that we got along nicely. Then I started receiving texts and dm's that were odd, to accusatory, to angry and just not acceptable for someone to send after one date. I appreciated his kindness, as he was kind to let me know how much he liked and enjoyed me....but to add to that he said I shouldn't be worried by his messages, that "he wasn't a stalker".....was a little scary and startling. Then more messages came with him telling me "he wouldn't bother me anymore" with an LOl", yet he continued to text, or dm....which was fine, until the text, which came a few days after our date, questioning me as to the possiblity of him contracting a std/sti.....I was livid , as the text was accusatory and rude. I assured him I was healthy, and I wondered, he had no signs of anything being wrong, other than his paranoia. I explained things to him and made it clear I wasn't happy and didn't want to communicate any further and that he should have worried about this before our date, not after. Then I started receving a number of texts, then dm's apologizing, with him wanting me to fogive him, which went from him saying he'd leave me alone, to more messages accusing me of not being understanding, forgiving, etc. Those in themselves are red flags. No man should be so attached, so needy to someone they've only met once. No man of his age and experience should be so naive to sex.....The last dm's I receved were last night and this morning, our date was more than a week ago....they were hours apart, accusing me again of not being understanding, for being unforgiving. The last was "him telling me that ignoring him, not agreeing to see him again, will be my loss" !! 

So.....Texting and or messaging someone continously, after you meet he or she, one time, especially after you say you won't, is a sign. Telling someone you aren't a stalker, is a sign, being accusatory, is a sign, getting angry towards someone you barley know, is a sign, wanting something and when you don't get it, you throw an angry fit, is a sign. Escorts look for signs.....we have to be safe. Signs are to be heeded, again, we have to be safe!!