Please be aware..

13 Jun, 2024

There is a warning section on the local review board where clients can post names and information of those providers/escorts who've scammed them. I am all for anyone making a devious scammer or violent person known to all. Yet the problem with this "warning section" is that *anyone* can easily join that site and then post anything they want. True or not. The warning section is not vetted in any way and therefore becomes a he said she said. With no harm done to the nefarious posters, but a possible ruination for the provider (escort) the untoward has targeted. Then, you add in the boards busy bodies, who have something to say about every post, and who will add to these threads without any useful, known, or new knowledge of the situation being posted about. You end up with threads full of misinformation, gossip, and needless drama for some escorts.  With no consequence towards malicious clients, or the busy bodies. Those who are allowed to post in this section, imo, should at the very least, have to show proof to the admins of the site that they've met the provider they're speaking of, and both parties should have the ability to defend themselves before a warning is posted. Of course there will be exceptions...but if that site truly cared about keeping everyone safe and that truths are being posted, they'd do their part to better vet that section. 

 Recently I read a thread in the New Brunswick section where 2 members made a claim about a provider. Their claims, imo, were suspect as they had joined the site the day they posted their comments. They hadn't included any information other than the providers name and city. And have made no further posts, nor comments. The provider, who is a member, defended herself by saying drugs were involved and that is why she left the clients home. Another member also noticed the suspicious nature of the posts and commented that they should be questioned.  Had the thread been left at that, one could decide that this is just another he said she said, and move on to better things.....YET.. one of the review boards busy bodies took it upon himself to post a screenshot of the providers ad, with her picture. With no regard to what was said, or to whether or not she is guilty or  innocent. He just had to let everyone know who she was, with no added information about the clients mentioned, nor the incident....Apparently we don't have to know their history (insert sarcasm) The busy body obviously has no care that the posts could be vindictive, and or fake. He is typical to many on that board and  just had a need to add drama. This recklessness is another example as to how these types of posts are dangerous and shouldn't be allowed. 

I will attest, after my many years of working for services, with running services, and as an independent escort. That when a client is intoxicated, or using drugs, it is always best to not accept the date to begin with. If it wasn't obvious to you that the person is drunk or high when accepting the date, then while there, becomes difficult, it is best to just leave. And yes the client will often object, and sometimes violently. They'll seldom blame themsleves. And thanks to review boards, they can now turn that anger into public fodder and needlessly bash the escort online. Knowing they'll have busy bodies who'll add to their nonsense. These review boards need to do better, and some of their members need to get a life and find something better to do than adding drama to issues they've no knowledge of.