Phone apps

13 Jul, 2024

I'm going to give a brief explanation as to why most escorts prefer real cell numbers over app phone numbers.....

Namely, because they are often used by shady people, to do shady things...... When we block someone from contacting us, some don't take that well and so they will get an app # and try and sneak their way back into another booking. Which is very creepy. If an escort turns your booking request down, move on. Stalking them, by trying to circumvent our screening process with another identity, and a new number, is nothing short of sick!

If you were to cause harm to an escort, tracking down an app number to identify you, is harder for the police to do, and sometimes impossible. Therefore, we automatically become suspicious of those who use app numbers. Clearly, if you're using one, we are going to assume you've something to hide, and meeting me, or another escort, isn't that something. As an escort, our primary focus is our clients. Protecting their privacy is paramount, and ensuring that their experience is a memorable one, is our goal. Therefore, trust is important, especially in the beginning. So when I see an app number on my phone, more often than not, I'll ignore.....If you want to be taken seriously by any escort, approach an escort seriously. Using an app number to contact us, isn't the way to do that.