Personal Training

17 Apr, 2024

 I just had my third training session. So obviously no physical changes yet. What will change, and which has to change, is my diet. As my trainer said, if I continue to fill my body full of junk, my training will be pointless. I've been lucky, all my life, to have been able to eat what I wanted, and how much. But as I'm getting older, the daily junk food intake has taken a tole on not necessarily my physical appearence, but certainly it has affected how I feel, and is contributing to the lack of energy I have. So as of today, those dietary changes begin.

I decided to hire a personal trainer to become physically stronger, and too gain the confidence to know that I can protect myself in any situation. As he said, when your body becomes stronger, your mind will also. 

I'm not sure how long I will continue to train, as it's expensive. I'm hoping at least and until I see some physical results. As I am also wanting to look more physically fit. But time will tell how long this will last, and if I can commit to improving myself. I will say, I think hiring this person is one of the smartest things I've done in a while.