Opinions, opinions.....

17 Apr, 2024

As the old adage says, "they're like assholes, everyone has got one. Something I learned a long time ago, no matter what a client says about my looks, service, etc, be it positive or negative. Those comments will never change my own opinions or my self-worth. I have great confidence in myself, and in my abilities.  Although most men/clients I meet are very sweet, and complimentary, every now and then one will come along who'll try and test my confidence. 

 This business can be hard on ones self esteem, if we were to take some of the comments/opinions of clients, personally. There are lots of wonderful, kind, positive clients, but there are also ne're-do-wells, and trolling asshats. They all have opinions and they all want to be heard, believed, and listened to. And no matter how lovely any escort is, there will be someone who'll come along and point out that escorts flaws.....Some clients will find my lighting to dark, others not dark enough. Some will find my sexual talents spectacular, others mediocre and some, everything in between. Some will attest that I'm exactly like my photos, others will see me differently. Some will love my lingerie choices, some will prefer casual clothes. Some will like my incall, some will find it not to their liking. Get my point? No matter what, no one can please everyone, nor should they want to. Never take personally, what others have to say, nor question your worth because of negative comments...Form your own opinions, do what you like, offer what you're comfortable with and do your best. Only then will you find satisfaction, only then will your self esteem be safe.