Oh the humidity.......

13 Jun, 2024

The weather across the Maritimes has been unbearable this summer. If it isn't raining, it's foggy, and if it isn't foggy it's sunny with 100% humidity. It hasn't been weather that encourages me to be outdoors. I'm thankful to have a gym membership and enough money to shop with, lol. Those are the two activities I've been indulging in the most. And may I say, when I shop I do it with a conscience. I try very hard to avoid anything made in China, to buy local, and avoid buying things heavily packaged. I don't have all the answers, nor do I know how to do all things right. But I try hard to have a very small footprint, and to be conscious of what I use and purchase.

All in all I shouldn't complain to much about the weather here. It certainly is better to be drenched in wet, humid weather, then to be sweltering in the heat that BC and other parts of the planet are experiencing. It's hard to imagine that there are still some people who don't believe in climate change, or that climate change is man caused. Please do your part to minimize your foot print. Buy local when you can, recycle, walk more, and be conscious of how your lifestyle affects our planet. Thank you.