Oh leolist......(edited)

Many of you know the site, it's the one that google first displays if you search out an escort.  It is run and owned by a review board, and reluctantly, my main site for garnering new clients. Something I'm going to have to rethink. As many who seem to flock to it now, are not the types of clients I wish to attract. Of course I have gotten some great clients from there, but more often than not, now, most are time wasters, and those who are not willing to screen. It also allows many scam ads, and it now forces us to pay for our ads in crypto coin. Which is a difficult and a more expensive process. They've also, for some unknown reason, begun to erase the number of views an ad gets. When my ads had 100's of thousands of views, they went back to zero and continue to go back to zero, at any point and time.....that can be problematic, because there are those clients who put worth in an ad which has more views. Example, if my ad has 76 views, and another has 7600, a client may believe the ad with 7600, is more credible, or  some how "better"....Which is not true, even so, some mindsets can't be changed. So why are they erasing ad views? Your guess is as good as mine.....

Here are other escort sites on which you can find reputable ladies, without as many scam ads, and the other foolishness leolist is creating. I hope they become even more popular than leolist. But when seeking out an escort, no matter which site you choose, always, always research the escort. Look to see if they've a personal website, a social media account (twitter/instagram/onlyfans) and ads on more than just leolist. Then speak to them. A reliable and professional escort should sound professional, and know their business. Most escorts now request deposits, and require screening, meaning you have to show Id. Bear in mind, when you are wanting to be intimate and alone with another person, they have a right to know who you are. For safety reasons alone. Use your big head, and your little head will thank you!!




ohmy.ca- Edit- I may have to rethink recommending this site. I just looked at it recently and there were lots of fake ads and I couldn't find the recent ads on it that I had placed. It's a shame as it's free to advertise on. Remember no matter where you locate an escort cross reference her name/number to confirm if they are real. A real escort advertises on many platforms and advertises regularly....