Oh geeze...does the hypocrisy ever end with this person....

***On one site she (JessicaRain) cow tows to escorts still working, on another....

  On 4/1/2020 at 1:24 PM,Quote- (XXXX said:)

Just wanted to share this becasue it is kind of bugging me.

Yesterday I received a completely unsolicited text out of the blue from a local provider.  I have seen her 4 times in the past but not for over a year now.  Nice enough lady and a decent session but nothing to make me feel the need to see her except for maybe twice a year, as a change from my regulars.  She asks if I am interested in a session and she is willing to make me a heck of a deal.  I politely decline and ask her, in the future, to please refrain from texting me out of the blue.  I'm single but sometimes I leave my phone where others can see it.  Anyway she replies back to me that she normally wouldn't but is desperate.  She clams to not have seen a client for over 2 weeks now and she is so broke she hasn't eaten in 2 days.  I told her I wasn't interested as I am social distancing.

Here's where I may have got suckered.  I'm the first to admit I am too soft hearted.  My dearly departed wife used to say I was the easy mark for the kids becasue I never said "No."  I catch spiders inside and release them outside.  I will step over an bug.  I buy food for pan handlers and sometimes give them my change, even though they are probably going to buy booze or drugs with it.

So I ended up sending her 50.00.  I never saw any evidence of substance abuse and believe her when she says she is broke.  I won't miss the money.  I did tell her that this was a one time thing and I wouldn't be replying to any more of her texts (although I did tell her not to text me anymore) because I don't want her thinking I am an easy mark.

Do you think I got played or did the right thing?

PS: I will not be responding to any requests via PM asking me who she is because I consider this between us for now.



(Quote Jessica Rain) That is awesome of you and I am glad she reached back out to tell you what your help did for her. It is hard for ladies.


I am personally getting a little frustrated with the shaming of ladies, when there is no way to shame the men that are going to see them. I mean for them, thankfully these men are, but men have a choice. Women, like the one you helped, don’t. 


I personally announced that I stopped working before March break. I am able to. I have a mainstream business that we can work remotely on. I have savings. I won’t say I am lucky because I worked hard to be able to do this but I was able to stop. Some ladies just can’t. 


I have figured out a way to make side money still by offering a paid membership site. Any lady looking to do the same can please contact me. I have a designer who is also offering 5 free web designs and shop builds to ladies in need because of this pandemic. 


***On another  she supports the bullies that condemn escorts still working.....https://caerf.ca/rboard/threads/the-corona-virus.1476437/page-3 and please take note on the page of the thread included (3) Her "boyfriend" "Robertson" specifically asks  the question "what is thought about escorts still working".  Which she clearly ignored and didn't reply, how convenient...It's funny to watch how she plays to each audience........#Hypocrite