Oh boy, I shouldn't have read it...

13 Jun, 2024

I was told about this thread and now I regret taking the time to read thru it.Talk about entitlement, ignorance, and bullshit!! No wonder so many escorts now refuse to see "hobbyists" wonder so many escorts no longer participate on the boards. If the opinion held in this thread is reflective of many wonder.

The comment that I find most disturbing is one made by a "Don Draper" quote:{"Send a message and remind all that the client is in control, not any agency.}  

 Don's comment is demonstrative to just how entitled, delusional, and illinformed some hobbyists are."Hobbyists" dollars are only a very small fraction of intake in the escort market, and the "hobbyist" thoughts are not the majority. Most "gentlemen" want "fair trade" and realize that escort fees increase with the times and are fine with that. Most gentlemen aren't looking to control anyone, or anything, they simply seek out good service, and are willing to pay for it and do so without whining to anyone about who controls what.... Gentlemen are grateful and respectful for and towards our services , most hobbyists are entitled, demanding and wish to control how things work. Again, as Don, demonstrates:)

But this comes as no surprise, the "Dons" have always been around, they were around back in my service days, the difference then was they were blacklisted, or something else happened to them....they weren't supported or encouraged....the boards, imo, are a new kind of pimp, supporting these types of clients and their thoughts, ......boards and their followers aim to shape us into something they feel we as escorts "should" be, not something we want to be, all under the guise of calling themselves a "community". Free thinking people, those who control what they themselves do don't belong.....nor are they controlled.....and that's just the way I see it....