No harm in asking, or is there?

12 Jun, 2024

As some of you know, my little dog was bitten recently by another dog, and required surgery. The bill was over a little under 1200. I paid it, and yes I could afford to, but I also asked for some help in doing so. Asking for help is not something I like to do, or that is typical for me to do. But I thought why not, others do it, and I could use the help, especially this month. He has another surgery pending, and I've other expenses that need taken care of, and his care won't allow me to work for a few days. So should I feel shame for asking, is it in poor taste? I'll leave that for you to decide. I will say, I am most grateful to those who reached out with well wishes, and who were financially generous and donated, I won't forget their kindness. Life can throw us curve balls and when that happens no one should feel shame asking for help from time to time. 

If you're wanting to help, you could send a deposit for a future session, or send a donation via etransfer to [email protected]  thank you!!