New pics...

19 May, 2024

As some of you who follow me on twitter may have noticed I've posted a few new photos. I'm more motivated lately to take them as I tend to do this as I'm getting ready for a date. And I've been accepting dates on a regular basis again. You may have also noticed that some of those pictures are without my stay ups, and show my very white bare legs, lol. Some also show me in casual clothes. As I've had date requests for both. I've also been advised by some I talk to, that along with the many rumors spread about me, that there have been things said disparaging my legs, lol. So I've posted enough bare leg photos to show that although my legs are very pale, they are also gloriously, lean, long and perfectly imperfect. Isn't it sad how some people in this industry try so hard to make some us look bad, so they'll look better.