Name change?

19 May, 2024

Being in this business opens one up to hearing lots of opinions. I've learned to only listen to those which come from a reliable and a well meaning source. So recently I had the pleasure of meeting a new client, and during our conversation he pointed out that my usage of "mature" in my name and ads, was in his opinion, doing me a disservice. He felt the adjective didn't describe me as he felt I looked younger, at least from the neck down, lol. He also felt it made me sound like an "old lady", and not sexy......In saying this, it was another client who told me when I had chosen the name that he liked it, quite a bit. I started as cristycurves...I changed that because I just tired of it, then I became cristylonglegs, which I also tired of as I wanted a name that could be seen as a real first and last name...cristy, although my choice of spelling it is uncommon, is a common first name, and Mature, is an actual surname. And because of my advancing age, I though it was appropriately descriptive.....Perhaps I need to rethink this, lol.

I know name changes, even number changes gets some on those review boards making assumptions that these changes are only done to hide something, or for nefarious reasons, but that foolishness, I ignore. So I'm once again looking to change....perhaps I'll use a handle instead of a name..... like "lingeriemodel50" kind of like the sound of that.