I can't help but roll my eyes at this one....

13 Jun, 2024

Silly me,  here I am lurking again on a review site...I know, where do I find the time....seriously, I am so busy with other things, it is funny that I've once again taken time to give attention to this silliness, yet I here it is....and I will say, I take the time to address specific topics like this from time to time, because I believe it is important to make clear to anyone reading how hypocritical, and foolish these review board sites are.....and how they have contributed to the demise of the escorting industry....... ....upon reading this thread,  I was struck by the hypocrisy displayed by the members involved in it. In this thread a member has apparently gone around private messaging others to join a group on another site, to discuss personal details about the local escorts. So this review boards main mod jumps up with "utter disgust" to put an end to such an abomination...I mean "how dare a review board member want to "form a group" to discuss the "personal" details about local escorts.? Seriously LYdiaharwood, I can't help but roll my eyes at your hypocrisy, since  this is exactly what review boards in their totality represent and promote.....The other members in the thread also showing their  disgust is as funny, if not  more so.....are they that daft to their own hypocrisy......I find the response by "Kitten" the most interesting,tho.........quote:

Im pretty sure this is against fb policy as well and would hope it gets shut down. About a year ago i remember fetish and burlesque groups being targetted and shut down i believe shortly after FOSTA-SESTA reeked its havoc.

I can bet a few reports would take care of it.

Also are these guys not capable of assessing SW for themselves?***

They do realize quality in this work is subjective***-end quote.*

And here is why I find it interesting.....The last two sentences of that quote, which I put stars next to, are the most interesting.....Why? Because here you have a review board member(Kitten) asking  the clientele  of escorts , "why can't they "assess escorts on their own", and then ( Kitten) points  out the obvious," that every opinion about an escorts "work" is subjective!"! Oh the irony!!...Does Kitten not realize that review boards exist because some guys can't choose an escort without first reading reviews about an escorts work/looks/services/etc That a review board is first and foremost A forum for reviews and discussing escorts.(which isn't a good thing)........ and that reviews exist because clients like to privately and publicly discuss, and often, in detail, the escorts they've seen( which is indiscreet). And that review boards exist because many escorts and "hobbyists" promote this and many even get a thrill/kick/enjoyment out of reading replays of the activities they've shared together. Many escorts seem to enjoy the adulation and praise given within reviews( until someone says something negative, that is) and many clients enjoy rehashing their visits on a public forum......and yes Kitten, most normal thinking people DO realize that any comments/reviews made about intimacy are, at the very least, subjective. Yet this subjectivity is seldom promoted, instead, it is the review boards and their followers who tend to promote reviews as being a predictor of a good or bad reputation, which they are not, they are as you specified, very subjective. What the boards do promote are members, escort and hobbyists alike, who post often, praise and promote the board to which they belong and who also promote review board culture........So I'll end my blog with a question to you Kitten.....If you believe and understand your last two questions, why are you contributing to the foolishness of this culture, by being a member of a review board, even if it is one of the "tamer" ones....isn't that hypocritical.... and aren't your questions ironic......