18 Apr, 2024

Cats!!Those furry little buggers can certainly become dear and near to your heart....but please all you cat owners, keep them indoors, or leash them. There is nothing more annoying then opening your front door and getting the unpleasent waft of cat urine from a flower bed or garden. Or worse finding a dead bird one for the neighborhood cats killed.......Love them, care for them, but please, please, please, keep them restrained. 

Cats can be perfectly happy indoors, or leashed while out. This makes more work for you, since you'll then need to play more with the cat, and clean up more (little pans) but that is your responsibilty, not the neighborhoods. And your cat will likely live longer. Roaming cats become fair game for cat hating dogs, and other wildlife. They're also more apt to contract disease. So I'll say it again, if you love your cat, keep it indoors, or leashed. Thank you