I was asked to write a blog about this topic, and as a former Esthetician, I've a bit of experience with hair removal. In my past I did a lot of waxing.....but now that lasers are available, that might be a better option for those who desire a more permanent solution to removing their hair. 

So..... my opinion is those with lots of pubic hair, if you want your escort to enjoy doing oral on you, remove as much of it as possible, please. You can shave, wax or have laser removal. If you shave, you'll probably have to do so daily. Get a quality razor, gel foam for sensitive skin, and first trim it back, then take your time to shave the rest away. With waxing, depending on your hair growth, once a month or every 6 weeks will be necessary. Again, the first step is to trim it back to about 1/4 of an inch then apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth, then apply the wax removal strips and pull in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Lots of tutorials online, just goggle hair removal/waxing. With laser hair removal I assume it takes about 6 sessions to have permanent results on one area of the body......Remember to exfoliate any area on which you remove hair, As ingrown hairs for some, can become problematic. Again without writing a long how to , it's best to goggle and watch some tutorials on exfoliating. Never be embarrassed by your hair, or lack there of. There are many salons that do hair removal for men, on all boady parts, you just have to research to find one in your area.

I love hairy men, and men with little or no hair. It isn't pleasent though giving oral and having to stop mid play to remove hairs from my mouth. So at the very least trim it back to as short as possible, to avoid this from happeneing. Or book a session with an escort who is willing to do hair removal as an extra service....some of us do:) And remember, your hygiene will determine just how close any escort is willing to get with you. Happy hair removal!!