Making that connection....

I spoke about this on the twitter the other day, and it brought about some interesting replies. Whilst lurking on a review board I had noticed a guy make the comment about how important it was to be selective because he worked so hard for his money, as he put it "his hard earned money". It's been my experience when reading those words from a "hobbyist" that they're usually  the clients who'll expect the most, are the hardest to please, and who will complain the loudest, if they don't get what they want. Granted, every client deserves to be treated well, and none should be taken advantage of, but when someone is purchasing **the time** of a companion, that doesn't entitle them to do as they wish, for as long as they want, and when they don't get what they had wanted, retaliate by vindictively posting a negative review, or comments about the companion. These guys seem to always put blame towards the companion, and never accept any themselves. What these types forget, is all one  should *expect* is cleanliness, punctuality, for the companion to look as she is pictured, offer what was promised and for her to allow the client to be present for the alloted time that was purchased. Anything else that happens is because of chemistry and compatibilty and can't be guaranteed. if  the date doesn't go well simply because of a lck of chemistry or compatibility....., no matter how hard earned your money is, it is no ones fault. 

If money is dear to you, perhaps spending it on luxury items isn't the best choice because in this business there are no guarantees. 

Even with careful screening I have matched myself with gents I should have ignored. Just as there are companions who misrepresent themselves, so are there clients. I feed off of a mans energy, if it is clear, that he is not "into, or someone I mistook for being something they're not.... my trying to please him will fizzle as quickly as his appntage will fall. And it is at that point the date should end, but most of us are to polite and or to uncomfortable to openly admit at that time that we were not a good match. What I find tasteless is those who then go to a board or gossip saying the escort seen wasn't "good", or other negativity, when that wasn't the case. In this dating world there will be good matches and bad matches and everything in between. If you can't afford to loose some money here and there, then you shouldn't be dating. JMHO:)