17 Jul, 2024

Seems this site has now taken a turn from where it always platformed itself by standing by the the saying" if you've nothing good to say, say nothing at all". To where clients can now defame escorts. As this thread thankfully thread has been deleted) demonstrates. Gentlemen do yourself a favor and use social media to meet escorts. Review/reco boards are things of the past.

Could she be a "bad provider"? Possibly, she could also be a great provider. I will say, I have a very good client who has seen her, and he was very happy with her service. He contacted her as she requested, was on time, and payed her expected fee. I will also say two of those who have posted in that thread have contacted me, and more than once. One wanting me to make an exception to how I expect to be contacted, another, wanting cheaper rates....My point....sometimes the reactions/responses a potential client receives from the escort they're contacting are due to his actions and words. Sometimes the service the've gotten is because of their actions. Sometimes clients are assholes, and yes many of those assholes belong to Lyla......Simply because a guy is a member of an escort board/forum, doesn't make him an exemplary client. Simply because one or more escorts has had no troubles with him, doesn't make him a good client. So the same should hold true for escorts. Simply because some feel the need to publicly gripe about some escort being "rude" or not worthy of seeing, doesn't mean they aren't good escorts. Why I find threads like this upsetting, is because they can ruin an escort. Ruin her over triviial crap. Crap that is often incited by the client  doing the griping.  

I advertise 10am-10pm. I also request phone calls only, from those I've not met. Yet daily I receive multiple texts from men at all hours wanting me to make exceptions for them, for me to see them at ridiculous hours, for lower fees,too provide services I don't offer, etc, etc, and the language used is often crude, disparaging and often childish. So if I reply, often my responses, depending on my mood, may be tit for tat, even ruder or I may explain my discontent politely. I've told guys to go fuck themselves, I've too threatened some, threatened with legal action....yes sometimes it goes that far. I've blocked hundreds and hundreds. I've laughed at many, ignored even more. We all react differently to different scenarios. Sometimes the reactions are over kill, inappropriate, and unnecessary. Sometimes they warrant themselves. Either way, if you contact someone and show your worst side, shouldn't you expect the same back? And why do some even contact a person in a way that person has requested NOT to be contacted, how entitled do some think they are? 

This isn't a game for the escorts, nor is it entertainment for most escorts, it's their livelyhood. For you it is entertainment. Think about that. Show some responsibility, maturity, and realize that escorts are human beings who deserve respect, professionalism, and to be treated fairly. And fairly isn't having their income reduced or eliminated, because you didn't get your dick sucked the way you liked, or talked to in a way you felt you deserved. Think before you react.....ask yourself, did any of my behavior warrant her reaction?  If it didn't and the escort did something nefarious, then post a warning. Other than that, move on, act like an adult. 

I think most within our industry and outside of it, would be shocked after reading much of what is texted, emailed, or spoken to us on any given day. If anything, many escorts should be given praise for handling ourselves as we do.