Lol, I didn't want to give this guy attention, but....

19 May, 2024  Some of you know that when I read something I find problematic, I've got to speak about it. I wasn't going to say anything about this foolish thread as I didn't want to give the author of the thread, nor that site any attention, but the rant was so skewed, I couldn't keep my big mouth shut!

So this person who posts upteem times a day on a review board, felt the need to rant on about how abhorrent it is when mature women don't act, look, or dress age appropriate. He states in his post that others opinions aren't important, he thinks what he interesting perspective to hold as a prolicfic review board poster, when opinions are what any review board are fueled by and based on. Reviews are opinions, as are comments to any posts....And as the lovely Danielle commented, why would some guy in his 50's, who states, "he only dates 20 somethings", even care about what any mature woman does concerning their dress style or looks....Why does he feel it's his business, and why does he care? Seems to me to be a passive aggressive way of trying to insult a certain age demographic, which is, imo, a clear sign of  his own personal insecurities....And he also states that it is not the business of others what age/s he decides to date, all while he insisits mature women should adhere to what he thinks is age appropriate. In other words, he can judge and mind other peoples business, we just can't do the same to him.....Typical mindset of a deluded review board hobbyist/moderator, or whatever he is on that board. And may I point out, any adult should be able to date whom they choose, but when you reach a certain age and you *only* choose those who are 20/30+ years younger, that speaks to issues you are having with aging.....So instead of crtiquing what others do concerning their age, perhaps some introspection into your own aging issues might be a better use of your time, Greenteal.