Lol, apparently Zachmont needs a lesson....

18 May, 2024   .....

Apparently if you are not a member of Lyla, you are then a "random Leolist escort", lol, and since I and so many others, are considered  "random" people on leolist (LL) and not lyla members, we are, according to this "Zachmont", also not worthy of being a first timers choice. LOL!! When will these deluded review board suck ups realize that Lyla and LL (Leolist) are one in the same. They are the same sites, owned by the same people, who have the same motivations, and that a review board doesn't determine any escorts value, nor does their membership on one determine, nor guarantee, that their service will be better than or safer than any other escorts. Most of those who advertise on lyla, also advertise on LL, so those who continue to perpetuate the myth that good escorts are found solely on Lyla, are being silly. I get that some like to stick with a site that has treated them favorably, but being realistic and honest with people should matter. And just because a site treats you & your friends well, doesn't mean that site is better, nor faultless. Stating that all lyla escorts are safer, or "better than", just isn't truthful. Review boards support escorts who purposely undercut, who knowingly use an identical website template as others use in their area, who act like mean girls, and  who do other unprofessional things. How is that being supportive to the community? Affirming that because someone has a membership on Lyla or any other review board, means anything beyond simply having a  membership there, is far reaching and nothing more than a personal opinion. As well as having some wonderful escorts/clients, Lyla and other boards, also has member escorts who are unrealiable, not independent, and who provide any thing but safe services. Escorts don't suddenly become professional/safer/better because they join a review board, lol!! Those sites also have plenty of clients who are disrespectful, low ballers, rate negotiaters, liars, and game players.

 To believe, that a forum, or any advertising platform makes any escort good, more professional or more worthy of being seen, is foollish and naive, as does believing that because someone has gained the favor of, or the disdain of, a few clients (having favorable or negative reviews/recos) means anything beyond that they've met some clients who've they've meshed with or not meshed with, or done favors for, or refused service to. And lets be honest, what is said about any escort in any review or reco, is usually said for some sort of gain....remember that. If you want an escort that'll be good for you, use google. It holds no bias. Google Halifax escorts/or imput whatever city you're in/escorts, then peruse those links. A realible, safe, professional escort will advertise on a few different advertising platforms, and also invest their time on social media, such as twitter/instagram/snapchat/onlyfans, etc. It is those sites that'll also hold less bias and give you more insight to the escorts personalities, and other clues that'll help you determine who is right for you.....  Then once you find someone on those advertising sites  whom you feel you're attracted to, look to see if they have a personal website and recent ads posted, read through all of those. Most pro escorts do have a personal website and advertise on multiple platforms, and it's within those that'll you'll find rates, and all the details that will help you determine if the person you're reading about is right for you. It is also preached on review boards that a good escort has to have multiple reviews......that is a fallacy. Many professional escorts have a no review policy. So there are great escorts with no reviews.... Because some of us have learned just how manipulative, self serving and abusive reviews/recommendations have become and we don't want to be a part of any of that. Once you have selected the escort who most interests you, and you've read through their website/ads, contact them as they request. Then have an honest conversation about what you seek, and what they are willing to offer, bearing in mind that speaking about sex for money is illegal. So no explicit questions. You're doing yourself a disservice by sticking to only one site, and to only those one, two or even a few escorts who've been recommended. Doing so will only limit your choices and cause you to possibly miss out on meeting that someone who is exactly right for you, and not just right for Zachmont or his like, lol.

There are plenty of escorts and even more clients who despise and avoid review boards. When someone isn't mentioned on one, that should be thought of as a positive, not a negative, since some of us do value discretion and don't favor gossip!