Lets be real....

13 Jun, 2024

When I write a blog, I'd hope that those reading get the sense that I'm forthright and that I although I'm not often diplomatic, I do care how my words/thoughts may affect someone. So my intention is to never intentionally hurt anyone's feelings, while I'm express myself in my honesty.


This blog is about clients, escorts, and the sharing of both.......The reality of escorting is that I see men who are married, or coupled. They are the majority of my clientele. So you could say they are being unfaithful to their spouses/partners, if we're going to be frank. So if they are capable of being unfaithful to the person they share their life with, what would make any of them think that I'd expect that my clients would be faithful to me. Meaning, as an escort, I fully expect and assume that any client who sees me, will probably be visiting with other escorts as well. Of course there are those clients who like to find someone and stick to that one person, commonly, there are also those who like variety.....And I say to them, enjoy!!!  For me, or any escort, to be upset by a client who chooses to see more than one escort, would be foolish and inappropriate. This business is not the place for the jealous, or those who are thin skinned.

 I tell clients, who I feel are reliable and respectful clients, should they ever require using me as a reference, or would like my input as to the safety, or legitimacy of another escort they'd like to meet, I'd oblige them. BUT that doesn't mean I'm going to research, write to, or do your leg work for you. If a client contacts me and wants info on any escort, again, this doesn't mean gossip, this simply means, me giving my opinion on whether or not the escort is known and legit. But if I do that, you have to have that escorts information at hand. The client will have to provide me with a link to that persons website, ads, or social media. I'm not going to search through pages of leolist, or google search some name, UNLESS you are providing me with compensation for my time and effort. Contact me with a link, keep it short and simple, and I'll be happy to oblige a few minutes to help assure you'll be safe in someone else's hands. But expect me to do your leg work, then I expect compensation,  that should be common sense.

So if you're a client who thinks I'll be jealous, or offended, if you seek another, please think again, I'm not that type.This business is built on trust, openness, having fun, and not on monogamy or having to sneak around, between client and escort. That doesn't mean that I need to know who you see or won't see, it just means you shouldn't feel a need to keep which escorts you see as hidden as you keep your activities hidden from your partner/spouse. 

Would I prefer my clients see only me, well that would make things stronger for me financially, and probably sexually safer, but I am a realist, not a dreamer, lol. So lets just have fun shall we, and lets be adult about it, thanks:)