Lets be honest...

13 Jun, 2024

One of my peers was asking about website building platforms on twitter today and it reminded me of something....which prompted this blog.

 I mentioned my website platform, cuties-tools as one to use. But I also made the comment that as an escort, it is our duty, imo, when choosing advertising platforms and when creating our ads/websites, posts, etc, that we do so with originality, and with the intent to not step on anyone's toes. We should want to be professional about it all. By that I mean, when choosing the same website building platforms, we shouldn't choose the templates other escorts in our area are *already* using. We should want to stand out, to be authentic, original, and build a brand that is indicitive to ourselves, not another escort. When advertising on the same advertising sites, we should do the same, and be creative enough to develop writing styles, phrases, poses in pictures that aren't carbon copies of other escorts on the same sites. We should all want to be individuals, having our own style, creativeness, and not compared to another. Yet there are two providers here in Halifax who use the same website platform and template as I *was using*. When I had become aware of this, sometime ago, I had made mention of it to one of the ladies. I had politely brought to her attention, that she had chosen the same template/print style as I was using. It fell on deaf ears, as  she carried on using it. Apparently she has no issue  with being a copycat. I have since changed mine. I was deeply disappointed to learn that another known escort would have such little concern about the unprofessionalism of her actions, rather inaction.  But what can you expect from an escort who also seems to have no issue also charging siginficantly less than, (100$ + hourly less than) other escorts in her category/class. I can clearly assume by her actions, that some women compete the only way they know how, by undercutting and copying others.....So lets be honest. When you are going to make comments about how wonderful some of the escorts are, because she is often praised, please also be honest about their transgretions, and call them out for those too. It is blatantly unprofessional to knowingly copy your peers. It's catty, tacky and in poor taste to do so. I know some of you have noticed this, as you've made it known to me.....Some people care to see the truth, others just don't care, and why don't some care?  Because the transgressions benefit them. Sad to say.