13 Jun, 2024

In the past I was reluctant to kiss many of my clients. I found that in order to be passionate and genuine with a kiss, I had to have feelings beyond the sexual for the man I was kissing. Slowly, and with the patience of a few clients, I started to experiment with kissing. Slowly I began to connect sexual arousal and kissing. Slowly I began to shed my beliefs about needing to be emotionaly connected to the person I would kiss.

Now, with the right person, I find kissing can really ignite more passion. When I say the right person, I mean, those with exceptional dental hygiene, and who can kiss. Not those who use their tongue like a stabbing knife, nor who suck your whole face into their mouth. Kissing, at least for me, should be soft, and slow, and again, depending on the man, can be fun with or without tongue. 

If you'd like to ignite some passion with some kissing, give me a call. I've got beautiful lips(so I'm told), we can practice on;)