Just wow!!

17 Apr, 2024   It's shocking to me that this has happened. Women's rights once again have been set back years......Now in Texas at 6 weeks a fetus is considered a human being and so it's illegal to abort, even if the child is conceived out of incest or rape. Yet they'll kill you if they deem you guilty of a crime.....Well Texans, get ready with your injection needles. because with this law you'll eventually bekilling many of those fetuses you deemed to precious to abort, come their adulthood. Because when you force people to have children, and those children grow up in abusive families, develop with mental issues because of incest, or become neglected from being unwanted, problematic adults they become and those adults go on to committ crimes, and sometimes serious crimes . So save them at 6 weeks, but kill them at 15-20-30-50 yrs of age.....which is better?

Quote-When the penalty for aborting after a rape, is more severe than the penalty of rape, that's when you know it's a war on women!!