It's not all Milankovitch.....

17 Apr, 2024

One of the subjects I'm most often wanting to learn more about and talk about is climate change. I'm a believer that our planet is in immediate danger because of our actions, not because of natural causes. Yes I've been educated about the natural cycles of warming and cooling, the Milankovitch cycles, I've also done enough reading to understand the ramifications our production of carbon dioxide has had and is having on the environment and the planet. Deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, factory farming, etc, has caused an alarming increases in warmer, colder cycles and more intense storms, more intense wildfires, floods, etc. We are destrying this planet. To the can you ignore the obvious? 

I'll never understand those I've met and spoken with about this subject, who almost always have children, who could care less, and who are of an opinion that what is happening is natural and not to be worried about. I mention those with children, because they are leaving something behind. I would think they'd be the most concerned. If I had children, I'd want them to live better, for them to have more, and before my passing, have some sense that their lives wouldn't be in jeopardy because the planet on which they lived was dying. Alas....we all have opinions and see things in different lights. Yet how can anyone look at a sea of plastic, and think that it wouldn't have a negative impact on the planet, that the planet could somehow naturally filter it out. How can one see scientific data of human carbon immisions and not believe they're negatively impacting our environment. 

So please I'm hoping there are more who are concerned than not, i'm hoping there are more concerned about their carbon footprint and who do what they can to make it as small as possible. Reduce, reuse recycle.....cliche, maybe, important, most definitely!