Is Karma real?

Recently I heard of a person from my past who is doing very well. Finacially and so on....I believe most would consider this person to be a true asshole. When I knew him, he was a liar, manipulator, bully, thief, coward, and the list goes on......I have to question if karma is real now, because consistently, it seems that those with the worst characters, those who are the most vile humans, seem to be  those who get ahead in life. It is very disconcerting. Perhaps I'm over thinking this, and perhaps I'm wrong. But I've seen to many awful people living the good life, while those who are kind, compassionate, honest, philanthropic people, struggle to stay above water.....But then again, I suppose none of us knows what truly goes on behind closed doors, and often, what looks good on the outside, often, can be a mess on the inside. I'll never wish harm on anyone, but I will smugly smile when those who deserve shit storms, get theirs......

 So I posted a shorter version of this blog on my twitter and someone responded....quote: Psychopathy and social anxiety disorders make dissociation and lack of empathy work. As a matter of fact most ceo's and even top political leaders such as presidents and other world learders are diagnosed with this. It's a trait they need to possess to control subordinates.End quote.

Hmmm, isn't that interesting....It explains a lot.