In defense of escorting....

13 Jun, 2024

 Over the decades, I've been in and out of this profession. I've left it, opened businesses, taken courses and come back, and left again, come back and left it again. Namely, because I've to often listened to all the wrong voices. Voices from within, and outside of this industry. Telling me, "it isn't something that one should consider a profession", "it isn't something one should do for long."...."it isn't something good"....... Obviously, I"ve stopped listening. Obviously, they were wrong, at least in my case. As I've always come back to escorting and I've always defended it. From those within it, those outside of it (civies) and to political officials as well. I've written many, hoping for change. I defend it because it has been my most consistent  and enjoyable source of income. It satisfies my need for social interaction, it feeds my sexual needs and it has helped me grow my confidence. The later, may surprise some. As this profession can be brutal on ones self esteem, because when we put ourselves out there, through posting pics, personal information, etc, the bullies, nit pickers and other nerdowells come crawling out of the wood work to criticize, attack and to demonize. So....if that is the case, how can hearing many insults, demeaning comments, slander and other crap, help one become more confident? Well it makes one realize that people who play those games are jealous, agenda driven and usually, miserable in their own lives. And if people will take time out of their day too try and ruin mine, yours, or someone else's, then we must have something going for us.....we must have something they want, we must have something they don't, and knowing this is confidence building and empowering, imo. So instead of playing into their hands, by giving up, by changing, by cowering and feeling bad, I become resilient, more proud, and driven to reach my goals, all while they waste precious time trying to destroy me, or whomever their target is.....end result, they waste their time, and I enjoy mine escorting....:)


Let me say this, for those in the back.....for those who haven't heard me say it before. I love being an escort. I have left this profession and come back to it many times over the many years I've been involved in it. I've owned other businesses, done other things, yet I'm ALWAYS drawn back. So I can only conclude that escorting is what I am meant to do. And I've also concluded, that growing older/old within this profession doesn't negate my worth, if anything, it has made me more valuable, lol. So to those younger escorts, to those idiot clients, who's only weapons of attack have been their ageist comments, the joke is apparently on you. Since the older I get, the busier I've become and the more I'm able to charge......

Clearly, there are people who partake in escorting, escorts and clients alike, who obviously do so unhappily and for all the wrong reasons. I believe it is these people who are often the ones who pick on and attack others in the industry who openly express their happiness of being an escort, or a client of escort/s. Lets face it, no matter the profession we choose, there are those meant to be in it, and others who just don't fit, or who are doing it for the wrong reasons.....and it shows....For anyone to say that being an escort, or a client of an escort is wrong, or that this profession isn't a profession, or should only be a stepping stone towards something else, obviously aren't meant for it. Some of us are. We are all meant to do something, and no one should criticize the choices we make to support oursleves. None of us should want to ruin someones happiness simply because we don't have our own, or don't agree with someones choices. Live your life, find your niche, and do so with pride and let others do the same. If you don't agree with "something" as being the right way to date, or too earn a living, then don't do it......if you're unhappy in your choices, seek a way to find what will make you happy. We all deserve happiness and remember, no profession can define you, only your character can.....Happy Sunday and happy escorting!!.