EDITED again.... becasue of a threat....I opened a can of worms continued........

17 Apr, 2024

Not moving on, lol......Since I can't get this link  to post in my previous blog, titled, "I've opened a can of worms" get the whole story you'll have to read that blog, then come back here, as the person in that previous blog, who I referred to as the "local escort", has found a need to recruit her pet, James Nicol( his persona name on the review board Lyla), and her side kick Berlin Moss, to continue the discourse my original post created and take it onto the review board they belong to. The "local escort" has taken it upon herself to act as a steward of the sex work community. And clearly her end goal is to have me ousted from that community, lol.....I am impressed that she or anyone thinks they have that power. Since, in reality, not one of us holds any more power than another. Although you'd have a hard time convincing some otherwise. There are those who think they do, and they are typically those same types who think they have the right to police what another does, or says.

When reading my previous blog, you'll note I never mentioned the local escrorts name, or any names. Although she claims I did. AVA Marie, and Berlin Moss, came forward and have outed themselves creating and by posting in their thread, and so I'll admit, Ava Marie was indeed the "local escort" I was speaking of. I singled her out not because she unfollowed me, but because of her hypocristy. Ava claims she was upset over my comment about Indian men, in the previous blog, she feels it is racist and hateful. So be it. Yet she decided to support another escort who is also spewing hate. The difference being, that hate was directed at me, and apparently it is acceptable to Ava, to demean a person, based on their age, looks, and professional abilities, you just can't mention their race, doing that, as far as Ava seems to be concerned, is where the line is drawn. My view is, If your going to take a stance against hatred, you have to not encourage it, nor support one type and turn around to condemn another. So..... it now appears that out of retaliation, and as I see it, as a need to look superior and to sound self righteous, she got together with James, Berlin, and probably others, to create a thread to encourage more hatred towards me, although they'll justify their actions by claiming that thread was created as some honorable act. In that thread they lamented about how awful I've been to a whole race of people, and proclaimed the necessity of posting my comment on their board to warn others about how awful and hateful I am, and the harm and danger they claim, I've brought to the sex work community and that they are going to save their community from my!!......I did think Berlin Moss was above all that, and to wise to get mixed up in this foolish drama, but her comment about white men in that thread, has proven me wrong. .  

So Ava wants people to believe that I'm recruiting other sex workers and creating a platform to spread hate ....well, read my blogs, and you decide. Then explain to me what she is doing with that thread and the commentary within it.....Are they trying to spread peace? She also claims that that I'm an internet bully, and a racist. Again, you can go ahead and make your own conclusions. I haven't asked anywhere, for anyone to side with me, I haven't asked for anyone to be ousted from any community, yet she has.... I called her a hypocrite, and in my opinion, that thread she created, in itself proves that point. She isn't being honest either, when she claimed I am spreading lies about her. I did say, in that previous blog, that she was a hypocrite, that she gossiped, and that we had a phone conversation, all of which are true. When we spoke on the phone she made unflattering comments about 3 different escorts, I consider that gossip. We spoke on the phone, because she was wanting tax advice, which I volunteered to give her. She also bragged about knowing everyone....She didn't come across as very discreet. I won't go into detail about what she said, as it would require naming the other escorts, and why involve them....... I told no lies. I may often put my foot in my mouth, and say things without diplomacy, but I speak the truth. And James, you poor soul, lol, you just can't figure out how someone who is banned from your precious board can stil read posts posted there, lol!! That seems to anger you, yet you are sneaking onto my twitter, without invitation, to copy and paste my comments back onto your foolish thread. So you too are a hypocrite. Birds of a feather clearly flock together.....I know some people are going to read all of this drama, here in my blog, and on that thread, and make their own conclusions, good and bad........ regardless of what I, or what any of them say......So be it.

Edit-The thread linked in this blog has been deleted. And although it was what prompted me to write this blog, and even though it's now been deleted, I'm still keeping this blog up. As the drama is continuing. I *cannot* prove, at least *not yet*, but I do suspect that many of the calls and attempted bookings these past couple of days, have been instigated by some of those in this blog.

 People can try and police what I say, and where I say it, they can even twist my words to suit their agenda. In doing so, they should expect that I'm going to defend myself and take any other legal action necessary, to protect myself and my privacy. 


But wait.....perhaps I can prove somethings...... (Saturday Oct 8/22) I woke up to a dm on my twitter from one of Ava's duo partners ( which I've forwarded to my lawyer) threatening me. She threatened me with legal action, apparently "she knows a lawyer", blah, blah, blah........well we all do, lol. Then she threatened me physically. " some of what she said was "this wasn't going to end well", blah, blah, blah..... and that "someone can book me then jump me" she said a few other things in her message, in her broken english.......She was threatening that if I didn't remove their names (Ava & Berlin) from my blog, those things will happen.

They are all angry because I have their names, here in my blog.... So lets dissect this......these ladies are angry because I have mentioned them here, in my personal blog, AFTER they, on a public discussion board, openly named me as a racist!!!!......Ava had accused me of a few things in that thread, so as a retort and as a way of defending myself, (since I couldn't respond on that discussion/review board) I wrote my blog.....

Talk about hypocrisy. Ava, in her thread/post had called me an internet bully and other things. and here I have another one of her partners messaging me with threats. Messaging me, then blocking me, so I don't even have a way to respond to this person, lol. So who is the bully!!! And who is the one encouraging other sex workers to group together to spread hate! I don't take being threatened lightly, nor will I put up with it. I am an easy person to get along with with, but if you name or mention me, I'm going to name and mention you. If you attack me, rest assured, I'm not going to sit back and ignore you. If you call me out, I'm going to speak about you. You threaten me, and I'm going to take that very seriously and take the actions necessary to address that threat. So come at me any way you people want, I'm ready!!