I'm back....

13 Jul, 2024

I'm back in Halifax and recouping from my Fredericton trip. It was busy!! So many sexy men there, and thank you to them for sharing their time with me. I made some new friends and hope to see them again soon. I took some time to visit some friends in other parts of New Brunswick and had a lovely time exploring, shopping and discovering some new restaurants. Although masks are now not mandatory throughout N.B., I was pleased to see most people still wearing them. We're still not out of the woods yet as far as covid is concerned.

I'll be taking a few days to rest and relax by myself, as a loner, being around people for more than a couple of days, can be over whelming at times, for me..... I now need a vacation to recoup from my mini vacation, lol. I plan on accepting local dates Sunday or Monday. I hope to hear from you then. Stay safe, have fun and be kind.