I 'm an experience, not a last minute thought.....

18 Apr, 2024

I offer last minute appointments when I have the ability to be available. I also expect a bit extra, (50$) for those now. As I hate rushing. So if I have to rush for those unwilling to prebook, or for those whose schedules don't allow preplanning, and drop what I'm doing, I expect to be compensated for doing so. However those dates won't be often, as I'm not comfortable with the notion of being someone's last minute thought, nor do I enjoy feeling rushed. I offer an experience, and to do so takes preperation and planning. I put a lot of time an effort into preparing myself, and my incall, to host. I want to be able to look forward to a date, not become stressed to accommodate one and I hope to attract those gentlemen who appreciate that. I understand there are those who find it harder to preplan because of their schedules, but that still doesn't change my preferance, or my perspective. We all are different, and therefore should do what works best for ourselves without conflict or pressure.