I finally did it!!

I joined the vitamix crowd, lol. I've been lusting after one of these machines for a while now, but couldn't justify forking over 700$ for a blender. The one I wanted was nearly 900 ( the 750 model). Thankfully for my budget, and my insistance on shopping at a brick and mortar store, I was only able to find the ascent model. I've gone thru two ninjas in my time of reluctance of parting with my money, so had I not been so stubborn, that money could have been more wisely spent on the vitamix. As it's ability to break down whole foods into liquids far surpasses any other blender I've tried. I did my share of online comparisons, it seemed like the Blentec was it's only competitor. All in all I've only had it two days now, and used it twice, both times very happy with it's preformance, lets hope this continues.... I hope it lasts as long as many say it will. It has a 10 yr warranty!!