I don't have a brand....

13 Jun, 2024

As an escort, my personality, and my looks are mine. Of course when I host a guest I'm more dolled up than I would be on  regular days, yet I don't have a brand. or a particular image I'm trying to portray. That means I'm not portaying myself in any way other than being myself. Like it or not, I'm me online, offline, in person and away from my clients. For clients and in my personal life, I wear what makes me feel sexy, or comfortable, depending on my mood, and I don't follow any set trend in lingerie, or street clothes. 

I give many props to those who brand themselves, as it's a lot of work to maintain separate indentities and act like another person. I just find all of that to complicated and draining. 

Being myself has gotten me some wonderful clients, and I've also lost a few too. Since I don't pretend, and I'm not very diplomatic, my reactions to some guys haven't always been well received, lol. Those reactions were certainly earned by them, meaning they deserved what they got, but if I were a brand and soley interested in pleasing and attracting clients, I'd have biten my tongue more often, and acted differently. And I'm not insinuating that branded escorts accept abuse. I just believe they are more motivated to please and attract clients and for different reasons.

But make no mistake, I do love to please, wink, wink:) and I also hope to attract. I just want to attract more genuine men and I want to please a man because I find it titillating, not because I want to impress him or win his business. I no longer want to meet guys who contact me only because I wear specific lingerie/clothes, or because I have specific body parts that appeals to them. I hope to attract those who want more than just a roll in the hay. I hope to attract men that appreciate a person of substance, and who is authentic:)