More of her hypocrisy....does it ever end!!

18 Apr, 2024 In this thread (note the discussions between "sqeezer" and "Jessica rain", one of a few I've copied below)

 Jessica rain once again makes claims against a person, the person this time is named "CM"...and she makes these claims with certainty of knowing. Yet, she has no mental heath certificate, no medical training, and yet, she insists she has a right to claim this "CM" is in need of mental help She makes this claim because "she knows". "She can tell", so she claims, when someone is in need..... If "CM is in need, I'd say it would be primarily because of her and her side kicks incessant bullying on that "other site" she mentions.....Bullying that I witnessed ...her and her side kick, Demien3k5, were relentless in pushing "CM"S buttons, egging  "CM" on, Jessica even encouraged this "CM" to take her own life, to give others a break from "CM"s posting.....yes Jessica is a real gem ......seems she needs no medical, or any other training to decide if someone needs mental health help, because "she knows".....just as she said "she knew" this summer, that some person, who she claimed was calling her or texting her over and over again, when she was in Halifax on a tour,  was me.... Yes she took it upon herself to post that nonsense on lyla (that thread is now deleted).... a client of mine challenged her in that thread, asking her to prove her which she responded "she didn't have to prove anything, because "she knew"...she then accused him of being me, lol!!.....Hmmm..... seems Jessica likes to make many claims, on many boards about different people, and she seems to think she doesn't have to prove any of it,,,,because "she knows"..........perhaps it is her who needs the Mental health help.  Perhaps it is her who the mods need to watch.....after all, she is one known for starting drama and taking it  to every board and she certainly is one for making claims that she can't back up, other than with her "she knows" ...,  and these claims, she can't even recant truthfully!!.....She won't even give those she accuses on these boards a chance to respond, as she blocks immediately those she attacks so they can't talk back to her in their own defense. Then goes on other boards and talks trash about them as she's done in this thread......

(quote)Quote Originally Posted by squeezer View Post
As much as I may disagree with someone's post, I have never reported anyone. Yes, if I were a mod, a constant reporter would arouse my ire. Again you make a claim of CM's mental status and unless you have proof, this I believe is very unfair. I do not know the man but only to say unless you are a licensed professional, that is again an unfair accusation.

I won't state my thoughts on a closed thread. Yes, I'll keep my opinion to myself.

(Quote Jessica rain)-Please re-read my post. I have dealt with him on another board. He admitted to his issues. I wouldn't just blindly throw someone under the bus. I didn't think you would think I was that type of person.

However, this is an example why communicating with the mods (through the report function because that is what they prefer) is so important. They need to know some of this info. Those threads that CM gets into just flare his mental health issues. Mods won't always know this unless it is reported.

People need to get out of their that the report button is a censor button or a "bad" button. It is a useful tool that is actually needed.

PS - I realize now how it may have looked but I was not thinking at all about baiting you to talk about that thread. I didn't even think not to talk about it because it was closed. You are right on this and I was wrong for bringing it up.

I just thought, knowing our relationship, I would be safe to bring up an actual real world example for proper clarity. It was coming from a positive place attempt. I'm sorry if you feel/felt otherwise.(end quote)

(Me)-----I had to LOL, when she said she wouldn't "blindly throw someone under the bus"...NO Jessica you wouldn't, you do it with eyes wide open and with calculated vindictiveness and blatant hypocrisy. You thoroughly enjoyed your bullying of CM, that I witnessed, You thoroughly enjoyed watching Demien bullying "CM"...and you with all your claims about someone needing mental health help, never once while "Demiens" attacks against CM, myself and other members were occuring and increasing, which clearly indicated some issues to his (Demiens) mental status, never once did you point to him(Demien) as having mental health issues. Nope you just sat back and enjyed the show, even taking part in it, So shove your biased concern up your sorry ass where it belongs. You hypocritical two faced know it all!! And as far as you recommending that people should keep their compalints, etc, on twitter if found there, why? You seem to have a need to move yours to all the why shouldn't anyone else!!

The inserted images are just a couple of the many types of responses Jessica gave to CM imo showing just how she enjoyed pushing Cm's buttons. If someone was thought to have a mental health issuses why interact with them in such an inciteful way.