Ho martyr's

13 Jun, 2024

Ho Martyr's.....That is what I'll refer to those ladies who voiced their dislike to my twitter post about screening. my post read- "To the ladies who don't screen, you are teaching clients that their anonmyity is more important than our saftey, good on ya!"

Amber meow lead the lash back, on the premise that I was shaming sex workers with my statement, she even asked those liking my post to unfollow! It was said by her followers that screening is a "privilge" and that I was projecting  "classism" with my statement....Good lord the imaginations some have!!! I just wonder if they have the same protective mind set and forgiveness for those sex workers who also *choose* to not use condoms for intercourse. Will they also come to their rescue with defensive statements and critques towards those of us who frown upon and speak out about not allowing bbfs.

 It is my experience, and now more than ever, that an awful lot of clients expect to be seen without divulging even a first name....they all use app or voip numbers, and think that they've a right to see a lady all while remaining completely anonymous. That behavior happens and grows because it is being allowed, not because it's disallowed, and someone is allowing it, a lot of someones!!. It is not a figment of my imagination, nor anything new, but the growth of it is new, and with no signs of change. So who should I have directed my post towards? It is us, the sex workers who set the precedents....who can drive change. The client can demand things, yet it is us who allows or disallows it. 

To get back to the "privilge" I think any sex worker that is encouraging another to see clients without screening should be ashamed...why help someone jeopardize their safety....screening is to keep everyone safe, that is why it is done, and it should not be thought of as a privilge, it should be a  "must do". If someone in this biz has to see clients and take risks that endangers their life, then they shouldn't be escorting and they need help and those martyr ho's who stepped on their pedastals to chastise me should be out there helping them instead of worrying about my thoughts and experiences. To get political about this is beyond my posts point. But that is what a martyr does.....To go down that road one could also use the analogy that if we gripe about smokers, and wanting smoking completely banned, then we're being thoughtless and cruel because not everyone has the privilge of quitting, and some who smoke, smoke because it helps ease their nerves, it helps them cope with life...etc, etc.Forget about how they're harming those around them....we must remember "privilge" ..... You could also throw in comments about how disliking smokers was about "classism" the martyr's would say....

My point was **there are** ladies and gents in this buisness who put others in harms way by their choices. Some make those choices willingly, and deliberately, some not. Many of the choices made do affect many of us, since many of us see the same clients. I'm not in this business to rescue anyone, I've helped many, and willingly so and would help anyone.Those who know me know this. But I'm not going to sugar coat my comments, which address how I see and experience this business either. I speak my truth, and if there are some who feel I'm classist, privilged, thoughtless, or whatever, that's on them...they haven't walked in my shoes. They couldn't fill them anyways!