Some escorts feel the need to distingusih themselves from others by giving an impression that they're better than, so they create what is called a hierarchy....

The hierarchy among escorts is as old as the profession. It's hurtful to many when used, narcissistic, imo and isn't a productive behavior, nor something positive to promote. So, although I can understand why those who catagorize escorts in such a way, do so, I am also against those who do. 

My inception into "online escorting" and introduction to the "review/reco boards" culture was back in 2011 and it was on a "reco board "where a comment was made/posted, by a popular and known lady, that I had fiirst experienced what I perceived to be one of many examples of such a hierarchy existing. She had commented "that she didn't involve herself with craiglist girls". It had confused me somewhat, as then, craigslist was still flourishing, and many who posted on lyla, the board I speak of,  were also posting there. It didn't take long to get the sense that there were definitely women on those boards, and many clients too, who liked to separate themselves from what they deemed "certain types"or ladies, they felt were beneath them. Clearly, sometimes passive agressively, sometimes subtley, some would make a distinction about who is who and on what level.

I had come to online escorting from a whole different expereince of escorting. I had worked for and then ran services/agencies for a number of years. I had even dappled in exotic dancing. Back then I was far to shy and introverted to be a successful dancer. So I choose escorting only. Boys how I've changed.....lol. Back then and although it existed, I had never experienced the blatantcy of the hierarchy as I did, once online and introduced to review boards. Within the services, there was more agism, if anything. I often wonder....... could these negative behaviors escorts show one another, could they be spurred by the clients? ( For example. When I answered phones I clearly remember a clients response after I described to him, a lovely 26 yr old lady that was avaible. His comment was, " 26!! She needs to be put out to pasture"!!.......Yes, in those days, as I said, agism was blatant. Many escorts would be condescending towards older ladies, and back then, older was anyone over 25.  Perhaps this too still exists...although I rarely see or hear evidence of it. Although I do still see, and usually in subtle ways, other ladies playing the hierachy card.

I have come to understand that people will catoragize themselves in specific ways, for different reasons. Some could say it's something a conceited person would do, others might say it's something an insecure person might do. Often times, those with little confidence and who may be unhappy with themselves will put another person down in order to feel bigger, themselves. For what ever reason a person may have a need to be thought of as being better than, I've come to realize, it's better to try and understand them, rather than to openly dislike and criticize them for their behavior. *and* daily I t*ry* to be more understanding....and in my trials, I often err. Sometimes, some people, can just be so blantantly cruel that an immediate, emotional reaction happens and with little understanding. As I said I often err, but at least I try. 

I also believe that if more ladies comcentrated on supoorting one another, instead of trying to win the favors of any particular client/s, by playing into a clients hands....by lowering rates, ignoring blacklists, seeing clients that others have had issues with, supporting review boards, listening to gossip, etc, etc, we'd all be better off.

My feelings about rates might not be favored, but I believe that clients don't determine our market value, we do. They **will** pay what you ask, but you have to ask. Undercutting another lady, plays into the clients hand, not yours...When I ran services, I had the highest service fee. It was my thoughts that my fees might bring in less clients, but we never lost $$ when compared to those with lower rates. We were making as much, if not more, all while seeing fewer clients. I could never understand why any escort would want to charge less, and see more clients, when they could charge more, see fewer clients and still get ahead..... I was always one who wanted to do less work for more money......albeit, while giving quailty service.

Seems times have reverted back to the backwards thinking that those who charge less will make more.....lol!!