Hey how are you.....

18 Apr, 2024

It's 2 am and he texts "wanting to know how I'm doing"....or it's 3:45 am, and he's asking "if I'd like to visit him at his hotel", or it's 1:15 am and he wants to know "if I want to party". Etc, etc.

Every morning when I wake, I can be assured to have to scroll thru any where from as few as 3 and as many as a dozen or more texts, from those who don't bother reading ads/websites, or who don't care even after they've read, that my hours list 10 or 11pm as my "closing" time. Yes there is a never ending supply of those thoughtless fools who think escorts sit, 24/7, just awaiting the beck and call of some guy who expects to offer nothing but to get everything.These late night/early morning texters, never leave voicemails, will never idnetify themslves, as they most often, use app/disposable numbers. They've no desire to share, but expect us, the escorts, to expose everything about ourselves. They don't seem to understand manners or how escorting works.

I can't do anything to eliminate the stupid, ignorant, careless or inconsiderates. I can thank those who are the opposite. To them I am grateful and the reason I continue to enjoy my time escorting........