Her again!!-Edited...

There is an escort in Ontario whom I've had issues with in the past. My issues with her were her confrontational ways, rudeness to other members on the review board we were both members of, her fakeness, lack of respect for our industry, and her know it all attitude..... She had a penchant for ganging up up some of us, with her verbal attacks. She used to refer to me as "crustycunt", lol. That was when I went by the handle "cristycurves". She never did well with her insults on her own, she always had to double down with whatever member she choose to be a sycophant of. I have little respect for those like her, who'll kiss ass and play roles just to win attention, and or clients. I prefer honesty and authenticity in people. Over the years she has changed her name, and personality, numerous times. So whoever she truly is, I feel, has yet to be discovered. So naming her would be and counter productive. I do hope however, that my gripe/this blog might cause some to think about how they truly feel about our industry. If they feel, or speak, as she does, perhaps it's time they exit escorting, and find somewhere else to go and or something else to do.

 Does it make sense? If an escort is claiming she does escorting part time, and only for fun, would she then spend copious hours advertising herself on social media, ads, and posting on multiple review boards? Would she offer specials to her clients if she weren't trying to draw in more business? And why would you need more business, if you claim to always be busy, as she claims? These are some of the inconsistencies the escort I speak of represents......

She claims to have another business, and in the past, referred to that business as her "real job". I took issue with that, as I felt it inferred that escorting wasn't a "real job" and her referral told me just how little respect she truly has for our industry. She has since changed her posts, and now refers to her "other business/job" as her "real world work"....lol. Apparently we, (other escorts), are living in an "unreal" world.  

 What has prompted me to gripe about her again, was her advice to a man, who is new to seeing escorts, whom she gave advice to and posted it on her favored  review board, he too is a member of and was asking questions there. She told him it was best not to give deposits until he was into the "game" more, and that the date was all about him, the client. I took issue with her referring to escorting as a "game" and her recommending not giving deposits, "until"!! I also believe any date is about *all* parties involved. And all involved need to be accountable for whatever happens on the date.  If the date goes awry it shouldn't be soley blamed on the actions of the escort. And that is the type of crap that is perpetuated by the likes of her, and on those boards. Seldom do review board clients accept accountibilty for their own bad dates. Now....You may feel I'm being nit picky with my gripes, as they're technically about how things are worded, in part. But how we say things, what we say, typically comes from our true feelings of the subject at hand, and has ramifications. And...if those within our industry show such disrespect, and disregard towards escorting, or won't take it seriously, how can we expect those outside of it, to do so.

Escorting for some of us, is fun. It is something we do as entertainment, not to support oursleves or our family. That doesn't give any of us the right to make light of it, or to make escorting seem as if it's a walk in the park. For many involved, it's their primary source of income, and they work very hard at maintaining that. Any loss for them is fundemental. I feel it's a slap in the face to them, to continuously perpetuate such frivolous, untrue comments about escorting.

I hope this person, who claims to be running a business aside from escorting, and who is also escorting,  claims to have a family, and claims to be busy, yet, has hours upon hours to spend posting on all of the review boards daily, soon, will shut her mouth, and allow those who are authentic, and who have a true respect for our industry, to be the ones posting advice!

AND...let me add, it is very safe for any client or potential client to give a deposit and his id to a professional escort. IF they have researched and can validate that the escort is a business person, and not a fly by night scammer. Once again, I'll explain how you can do that.

 Once you find an escort you'd like to meet, look to see if they have a personal website and social media(twitter/instagram/onlyfans, etc). If not, that is a red flag and I'd avoid. Escorts who are looking for repeat clients, and those who are not, I'd be leery of, have established advertising profiles. Meaning, they have ads on multiple advertising platforms, they have up to date websites and or social media accounts, such as Twitter, Instagram, onlyfans, etc...). Read those....Then you should be able to establish if that person is real/reliable and for you. After researching, contact them the way they request and have a conversation. Ask pertinent, polite, non sexual questions. Although it is legal for us to sell sexual services, it is illegal for you to buy them, so to ask any escort, "how much for a bj", etc, is just stupid, and unprofessional. And only ask questions that are not already answered on their website, ads or social media posts. For example, we all list our rates somewhere, so if you contact us to ask "what are your rates" more often than not, you'll be ignored. Understand the redundancy. We all get copious amounts of pointless texts/emails/calls on a daily basis. Make yours stand out by sounding intelligent, serious, detailed and respectful. Speak to us as you would any other business professional, because that is what we are.....If you think less of us, perhaps you should rethinking contacting any escort. As respect garners respect!

Professional escorts requesting deposits and or ID is the norm now, and not a red flag. To those idiots on the review boards who claim different, because they fear being black mailed, outed, or whatever ....you post your explicit drivel, and admit you pay for sex, on a public forum which you protect with a simple password. So.......stop perpetuating your foolish ideals, and silly paranoia. about escorts being the ones who'll misuse your information. When you are already doing that very thing. And to that Ontario escort, who spends endless hours on review boards sucking up to their posters, and perpetuating foolishness such as reviews being necessary to being a successful escort, that reviews should contain graphic details or clients will be plaugued with endless pm's asking for more details, that deposits aren't required, clients should only provide a name and phone number, that ID isn't required, and the other nonsense. Go take a holiday! For someone who *claims* to escort part time and only for fun, you certainly put full time effort into your part time fun, and why are you trying so hard to convince so many to join that review board you favor.....Hmmmm....something isn't right with you, something is smelling very fishy in Terbtown!!