13 Jun, 2024

More about my twitter hack, lol....So tonight I got back my old twitter handle @cristymature.... it was available. I was surprised. So I'm even more puzzled as to what the hacker was trying to do and to what gain he or she thought they'd have. As I told others, this person also tried to enter my gmail account but wasn't successful, so they obviously wanted more than what my twitter provided. What that would be is anyone's guess. The only thing they've been successful at doing is confusing some people and causing me to lose my 6500+ followers....which in hind sight is not much of a loss. As many of those followers weren't doing anything for my account anyhow. So onwards and upwards. I've regained a couple of hundred in the past day and a half, and slowly and surely will get back many more.At least I'll be far better able to interact with the new followers and find out who is truly supportive and who is not. Lets see what tomorrow brings:)