19 May, 2024

This guy that calls  himself gogofmagog, once again has to vent about escorts it seems, because once again he's been incensed by *ANOTHER* "middle aged hooker" ......Well goofman, you're a hypocrite! On a previous trip to Pei, back in 2018, or so, you forget, you contacted me numerous times using an app number, through text, when I ignored you, you text and text again wanting to know why I was ignoring fuck off with your bullshit post and recommending other guys to not bother with me because you feel my vetting process is to much for you to handle. You *tried* to jump through all those hoops a couple of years ago and FAILED!! The fact is, this "middleaged hooker" wouldn't fuck you with a borrowed pussy, and for all the money in the world. YOU are disliked and unwanted not only by me but by many, and many know EXACTLY who you are and what you look like.You and your denigrating and tasteless posts have made you one of the most "to be avoided" people in this business.The only way you'll be seen by anyone is by  you once again, pretending to be someone else, as you once did with me, using an app number, a fake name(board handle), etc.  It is always pathetic tricks like you who whine on garbage review boards like sp411 and lyla, about ladies who won't see them. Tricks like you never accept accountability for their own actions and always retaliate towards those who refuse them by name calling and other childish put downs.....that is all you are cappable of. So go back to your mundane life, and making posts complaining about people who see you for what you are, we're many....... remember that.


And to the o.p. of that thread, "Islander", .....grow a set of balls ffs, if you want to meet an escort, do your research, then go and meet her. If you need anothers person advice/opinion as to who is worth seeing, then perhaps rethink what you are doing. Grown men can make their own decisions, little boys have to ask for help.


Typical of a review board to host such a douchebag, read his posts I'm sure after doing so you too will feel my disgust for this attention seeking review board douche bag......


So now, apparently he's threatening to "jump through my hoops" in sick is this person!!