I was triggered by a picture posted by a twitter follower this morning, to write this blog. I have unfollowed this popular lady because of her proudly posing in a Chinchilla cropped jacket and lingerie. Doing so certainly made for nice visuals, but the deafness to the cruelty of vanity furs  that pictured and pose displayed incensed  me. And in 2021, if you don't know just how cruel, and unnecessary the fur industry is it's my opinion that you're just ignorant to reality and I just won't support someone who isn't sensitive to this. 

Years ago I too was blind to it and sought out expensive clothes trimmed in fur. I still have a custom fitted pink wool suit, with collars and cuffs trimmed in fur, which I paid more than 5000.00 for more than 15-20 yrs ago.On one of my gallivants to Montreal, and in Westmount square was a boutique shop that sold it, if I remember correctly. I only wore that suit 6-7 times, but hold onto it as a reminder of my stupidity. We all make choices in what we will put up with, ignore, and or accept. My choice was to become aware, compassionate, and less vain. Learning how fur animals are slaughtered and housed was enough to make me never wear their furs again. And for those who compare the leather trade to this, unless your speaking of exotic skins, which I too object to, then you've no point to be made. If an animal is a food animal and it's skin is then used for leather, I won't put up such a fuss, as I don't see it as the same as killing an animal for it's fur/skin alone.

Although I wish the world would become vegan, or even vegetarian, arguing against killing animals for food I've learned, is a fruitless effort. Arguing against using fur as vanity clothing makes sense. As it's just not necessary to sustain life, it's simply about your vanity, and your lack of compassion.There are many other clothing products that can keep us clothed and warm and that are also attractive and fashionable. If you need to wear fur to feel pretty, rich or for any reason, you're attributing to a horrendously cruel, unnecessary industry. And that isn't pretty!