Fall is a coming.....and I'm.....

19 May, 2024

Coming to a town near you....I plan on touring more this fall and winter, weather permitting, of course. New Brunswick, PEI, Sydney, N.S. are all on my radar. Fredericton will be my only NB city, I think, and Charlotteltown, my only PEI, city, although I am considering Summerside. In Nova Scotia, I may spend a night in Truro, to see what that little town is like and I'm going back to Syndey soon, since my last visit was cut short by the covid restrictions and so many lovely gentlemen contacted keep an eye on my twitter for updates, and leoslist in your city. It is on those sites I post most and here of course. I hope to see you on my travels. Until then, be good to yourself, and kind to others.