It's going to be a big storm for Nova Scotia, high winds, heavy rain, take care and stay safe. A few tips, if you've no under ground parking, to keep youre vehicle/s safe perhaps think about leaving them in a parking garage or mall that has under ground parking. If you need power many of the hotels run on generators, if you don't have one of your own. Many of our local hotels with underground parking have availability for Saturday and Sunday. Their rates aren't cheap however, bodering on or just going over 300 per night. Better safe than sorry tho. 

To keep food safe and fresh, freeze water bottles or other water containerss, or keep bags of ice in fridge and freezer, and try not to open either fridge or freezer often, until power is restored. Have flashlights, charcoal or propane (for barbecue) so you can cook, water, and non perishables in case power outages are lasting. And please make sure to secure your pets and other animals, so they're safe too. 

Here's to hoping the storm is weaker than expected. Stay safe.

Monday Sept 9....the aftermath.... Well thank fully my friends, family, nor I suffered any damage. My power was lost for less than 24 hrs....still, how power dependent I am is surprising. I think tho, it was one of the best nights sleep I've had in a while. No tv, no computer, no was very peaceful. I got to read a couple of interesting books I've been meaning to read....and both gave me new insight, a different perspective, cause to think.....I need to dedicate more time to turning of electronics/being offline. All in all I think most here on the peninsula faired better than we thought we would. Thankfully Dorian never matched Juans strength from 2003......All back to normal now:) Happy Monday