Double standards......

17 Apr, 2024

Why does a review board that touts being "pro escort" continue allowing disgruntled and or vindictive clients to post information, which btw, isn't vetted in any way, about non-member escorts, in a warning section. In this particular post The client is angry because the escorts shorted his time..   And although I feel a 30 min session should be 30 mins, I don't think those who shorten a session by mins deserves mentioning in a warning section post. And did you notice the client only mentioned his concern about the covid travel issue, **after** meeting them. Where was his concern about them "isolating" prior to meeting? Imagine if escorts were allowed to list openly on that same site, all the lyla member clients who over stayed their sessions of 10 mins +. I assure you a majority of those who regularly review, and post on that site would make the list and many of them also post on other boards using different "handles" (names). Should clients who use numerous handles also deserve being warned about? Should clients who use numerous handles be considered scammers? Or do they get  a pass because they are "members" who'll rave about other "certain" members....... The double standards on this review board never end....and why is it only non-member escorts are ever mentioned in that section?

A warning section should be taken seriously. It should be vetted properly, and only those who pose a danger to the "community" should be mentioned within it. It shouldn't be a space where vindictive, or "petty Pauls" get to post because their dicks weren't sucked long enough, or because their session didn't go as they feel it should have. The only people that should be warned about *aren't* those who advertise with two names, or who may shorten is those who deliberately put others in harms way. Those who are a safety concern. We all know some (clients & escorts) in this biz don't play fairly, nor nicely. We all know some hustle more than others, that isn't cause to try and ruin their business or their reputation. Just avoid them, or don't return.....But to cavalierly and openly post their ads/names in a warning section, shouldn't be allowed. It's not nice to shorten a clients session, it's not nice for a client to overstay....these things we discuss in private. They don't cause anyone danger.....And as I mentioned previously, the fact that this client griped about the escorts being from Ontario and not showing proof of isolating properly, after the fact, just shows how petty and vindictive some clients can be. Because we all know had these escorts given the 30 mins and did what that client wanted, he'd not have cared if they had isolated. He wouldn't have mentioned anything....... Learn to vet those warning posts properly or don't allow them at all. If in fact @Lyla is truly concerned about protecting *ALL* escorts, and not just it's revered members.

And why do I care about the activities of people I don't know, on a site that I dont belong? Because I believe in fairness, not favortism. I love this industry, and want it and all those without nefarius intentions, to thrive. I want review boards to hold themselves to the standards they promote.....I know that is a big