Don't be like this guy ....

12 Jun, 2024

On Sunday, I had a client pre-booked for an early evening appointment. He seemed lovely, provided my necessary screening information, and agreed to my instructions on getting my locale information. He also said he'd inform me if his flight was delayed. When the time came for him to contact me to get my locale information and other details, he didn't call. I let 10-15 mins pass, still no call, so I text him. He said his flight was " just" delayed....although I believe that it had been delayed, the "just" part I did not believe.....  a few flights were cancelled/rescheduled that day/evening, because of the high winds. Yet he still didn't contact as he had promised, I had to reach out to him. He made no offer of a cancellation fee, just a promise to try and rebook when he arrived in the city. This is never the right thing to do. It is the clients responsibility to make it right for missing an appointment. Having a trip delayed, although frustrating and inconvenient, as the client, you shouldn't expect others to share in that inconvenience.I'm very low volume, on the days I decide to work, I typically see only 1 person. So If I prepare to see you, I turn down other clients, and won't have an opportunity to recoup that planned income on that day/evening. Luckily for me, another client did inquire, and he readily accepted my screening process and ended up making my night worthwhile.To him, I'm most grateful. But that kind of luck isn't typical. So please, if you are reading this, and if you book an escort, never leave them hanging ...nor without a cancellation fee, it's just thoughtless and rude. Thanks:)

* Update, there was no futher contact from this man, so I do believe this person was deliberate in booking me and no showing..... it's just sad how some people use their time to try and disrupt another persons. And isn't it typical that karma stepped in to correct things. I just love Karma:)