Don't be a jerk....

19 Jul, 2024

Guys when you decide to contact an escort do so as that escort expects, not as you find convenient. If a text is requested, text. If a call is requested, call, email, same.....

When you request a specific time and the escort gives you her available times, and the time you want is not available, don't start sweet talking and begging to be seen asap, now or anytime the escort HAS NOT specified. We state or list our available times because that is when we are available. It's not complicated, and it is inconsiderate and rude to try and circumvent those times.

And please know how rude it is to contact someone outside of their posted hours. Calling me at 4am, when I post that I'm available between 10am-10pm, is certainly not going to cause me to want to meet've just shown me how inconsiderate you are.

I adore Respectful, thoughtful gentlemen and those, and only those gentlemen will win my attention. I don't need to be sweet talked, flattered, or made promises of repeat visits. I want to be understood, respected. Following my contact details, available times, and booking requirements, is how you show me respect. It proves to me that you are worthy of meeting. It is that simple.

So please don't be a jerk, be a respectful gentlemen and every escort you see will thank you.