Dolling up...

18 Apr, 2024

The term means getting all dressed up, if you didn't already know:) And this is how I like to present myself to my clients, dolled up.

I am surprised by the number of requests I get for presenting myself "au naturel"......since most of my pictures show myself in an erotic, more glamorous light.I wonder where some clients get the idea of me wanting to be "natural". I find "natural" boring. It's how I am day to day. Jeans, tshirt, or yoga pants, sweats, etc. Why would I want to look like that for a date. I want to feel sexy, desirable, different..... So sorry my dears, who desire " a girl next door" look. I am not that, at least not when I date a gentleman. I want to be in lingerie, heels, stockings, makeup. All the girlie things. Not looking like I'm going out to walk a dog, or grocery shop, lol. 

I get that everyone has their fantasy, and nothing wrong with that. I'm just not one who's into fulfilling some.....Although I'd be happy to direct to a lady that could.

Happy long weekend and hopefully you'll have fun fulfilling your fantasy...........