I deleted my previous blog titled "Well, well,well, because thankfully, the review the blog was about, has been deleted. I contacted the asshole that wrote it and he messaged the site to have it removed, and thankfully they removed it. I also spoke to a lawyer. So going forward.....Anyone else who feels at ease posting their insulting or slanderous drivel about me, shaped as a review, or who posts anything untrue, should know that I won't contact them, I'll have a lawyer do so, and they can then deal with the ramifications of their posts. Of course anyone can phrase an insult as an opinion. And courts may see it as just an opinion, but understand, the courts will see it. I will no longer tolerate any abuse from anyone. I clearly state on my website, when you decide to meet with me, you agree to the terms that are written on my website. Namely, that I have a no review policy. That is to be respected. My privacy is to be respected! And anyone who wishes to ignore that, or who is willing to be indiscreet with me, shall receive the same treatment and more. Say what you want, as long as you're willing to be accountable for your words. And if you think you're safe saying it behind an anonymous handle, on some stupid review board, think again. Those review boards are no more secure than any other site and when you spew slanderous words, or hateful, or harmful rhetoric, you'll be found, and you can then argue a justification for your words in a court of law. That type of audience may not be as entertained by your childishness as are your review board sycophants.

I take escorting seriously. It may be entertainment, but it is entertainment that I enjoy, and value. I go to great lengths to assure I meet with sound minded, *compatible gentlemen, who's time I'll enrich as much as they'll enrich mine. Their privacy matters to me as much as my own. That too I take very seriously. No one has the right to abuse that. So if you are someone who thinks you can breach my trust just so you can play some kind of game, or to invent some drama, be assured there will be a price to pay for that.