Come at me all you pervs...

19 May, 2024

I'm ready to hear all those pedo pervs throwing out their stupid comments to me because of my disgust over men drooling and begging for Toffts towards a young lady on the local board advertising as 19. On that board it is also often posted "to be weary of those who advertise as 18/19 as they're often younger". Yet here we have men in the 40's/50's/60's all clammering for someone to take one for the team (TOFFT) so they can have their turn at this barely legal newbie 19 yr old teenager. Like lions circling a wounded antelope...... It's gross and sickening. And if you can't see why, then you are in need of someone explaining the concept of maturity, decency and gentlemanly manners to you.

There should come a time in everyone's life when they realize what's right and wrong. What is justifiable and what isn't. Desiring a younger woman might be natural, but there is a line there that should be drawn. Mature adults know where that line is. Decent adults know where that line is. Pedo's, pigs and pervs don't care.